What is FreeQ

What is FreeQ

Freeq is a specie of a wandering gnomie, so called cosmos-politan. Though it resembles a regular gnomie, its nothing less but its’ modern mutation.

As all gnomies, oh yes, he loves his mother Earth. It knows how to use her gifts wisely, how to brew herbs, grow veggies, collect fruits, but always only as much as he needs. He knows how to make wonderful handcraft, natural decoration, how to build organic houses, but he never exploits his environment too much.

Beside of this, however, freeQ found his way to adapt into a very new environment- humans’ neighbourhood, and how to take an advantage of humans’ technical development. Burrowing his way through human waste yards introduced him to several colours of artificial light sources and let him discover limitless assortment of materials and elements which normally do not grow in the forest, therefore, let him create unusual recycled compositions. He also learned how to cleverly reuse tones of food wasted by humans and how to sell it to elves, who, as we all know, eat only eco & vegan.

Gnomes usually live in tribes, often cooperating with other animal species, they hand down all their knowledge to their offspring, raising them in the spirit of cooperation, progress and creativity.

Gnomes are hyperturboactive, their bodies work so, more they get tired, more energy they have, so they are capable of gnomic non stop even up to 72 hours. Thanks to that, they are naturally inspired creatures, so, once, when they got a bottle of fermented yeast drink, accidentally left by human in the forest, a big group of dazed gnomes landed up in a hawk’s nest at the very top of the highest pine tree, instead of their village under the very same pine tree’s roots.

FreeQ is well know type of an addict, the black sheep among other kinds of gnomes. His most serious addiction is music. And this is not only about ethno or folk music or forest meditation sounds, but also about Balkan stamping on the glade, jungle broken beats, swampy dub, or even crazy, stormy electronic trance.

The other FreeQ’s addiction is to multiply positive energy. He multiplies it beneath any limits, at every occasion, for example joining butterflies’ tribal dance, taking part into squirrels jigger-pokery and jugglery tricks, or even rumbling on the drum at the shady trolls’ campfire.

FreeQ is a derivative specie, which means, that every single gnome can potentially become a FreeQ. Scientists haven’t found the reason of this metamorphosis yet. It can spread through the air, through a curse, or even during recreational mushroom collecting at the forest…. So beware!

Its well known that all the gnomes love its Mother Earth and they really care about her. And our poor Mother is drowning in plastic waste and unsegregated trash. On top of that we exploit her to her limits, and almost half of the food production we throw away. Forests on the Earth are decreasing drastically and people are starving.

Let’s change it together! Let’s start from ourselves! Gnomes has the power!