Terms & Conditions


I. General provisions

1. FreeQ – Freedom Qulture Gathering is a public, paid, ticket-based, non-mass entertainment and education event, hereinafter referred as “Event” held from 14 to 16 August 2020 at the Social services cooperative resort at Łazy 84, 07-130 Łochów, Mazowieckie Voivodeship, hereinafter referred to as the “Event area”.
2. The event starts at 16:00 on 14 August 2020 and ends on 16 August 2020 at 22:30.
3. The event can facilitate up to 800 (eight hundred) participants.
4. The event is organized by Marta Petryk, working under sole proprietorship Poka Loka Films, Długa street 22a/2, 05-822 Milanówek, NIP: 5291754610, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”
The Organizer can be contacted via freeq.gathering@gmail.com / tel. 796232346
5. The framework program for the event is available on the website at https://freeq.me, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”
6. These terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and conditions”, govern the entry to the event, including the sale of tickets for entry to the Event, the rules for participation in the Event, including the rights and obligations of the Organizer and the participants in the Event, hereinafter referred to as “Participants”.
7. An Event Participant may be any person who has entered the event or has been specifically authorized by the Organizer to attend the Event.
8. Participant is obligated to comply with Terms and conditions.

II. General ticket terms

1. “Ticket” within the meaning of Terms and conditions is the permission to enter the Event, granted by Organizer to the Participant, which, at time of first entry into the event, is replaced by a band authorizing access to Event area, according to the type of Ticket purchased.
2. The number of Tickets is limited by the maximum number of Participants in the Event as set out in the Terms and conditions.
3. Organizer sells two types of Tickets:
a) Two-day tickets – authorizes unlimited access to the Event from 15 to 16 August 2020;
b) Three-day tickets – authorizing unlimited access to the Event from 14 to 16 August 2020.
4. Tickets are sold during the days of the Event at the main gate and on the Website. The sale of Tickets via the Website covers only three-day tickets and will be completed on 13 August 2020. After that date, Tickets may be purchased only at the Event, but without any guarantee of availability at that time.
5. On the Event area payment of the ticket is only accepted in cash. In the case of Tickets sold via the Website, payment shall be made in a non-cash form via the payment service provider.
6. If you purchase a Ticket at the Event entrance, the Ticket is immediately replaced by a band authorizing you to enter the Event area, corresponding to the type of ticket you purchased. The Ticket purchased via the Website is replaced by a band authorizing entry into the Event area, upon presentation of proof of purchase of the Ticket received by the Organizer by electronic means to the Participant.
7. The Ticket can only be replaced per band once. If the band is lost or damaged, the Ticket must be re-purchased to enter the Event area.
8. The band, which authorizes entrance to the Event area shall not be transferable, lent or otherwise made available by the Event Participant to a third party.
9. The Ticket may be purchased only by an adult person for purposes not directly related to his or her business or profession (“Consumer”).
10. A Participant may be a minor, is a subject to rule no. 3 of the Terms and conditinos, but the Ticket for the Event may be purchased only by an adult person.
11. In the event that, due to force majeure or applicable law, the Event is subject to cancellation, Participants shall be notified in advance and shall immediately receive, at their option, a refund of the Ticket price or the possibility of using the Ticket for the next edition of the Event.

III. Ticket sales via Website

1. The technical availability of the Website through which Tickets can be purchased requires the following tools and technical conditions to be provided on the purchaser’s side:
a) using a device for internet access by the purchaser with a screen resolution of 320px x 480px;;
b) use one of the following web browsers:
– Internet Explorer 11 or later versions with Java Script enabled, accepting Cookies;
– Mozilla Firefox 55 or later versions with Java Script enabled, accepting Cookies;
– Google Chrome version 65.x or later versions with Java Script enabled, accepting Cookies;
– Google Chrome Mobile version 65.x or later versions with Java Script enabled, accepting Cookies;
– przeglądarki z WebKit Mobile version 5.x or later versions with Java Script enabled, accepting Cookies;
– Safari version 10 lub or later versions with Java Script enabled, accepting Cookies;
– another browser with similar parameters to the browsers listed above.
2. The technical requirements related to the website or other technical arrangements on the part of the payment service provider allowing the payment of the Ticket and its availability shall be determined by and dependant on the payment service provider. The Organizer is not the payment service provider used to pay the Ticket price. The payment service shall be provided on terms and conditions to be determined by the payment service provider.
3. In the course of using the Website, a person using the Website shall not provide unauthorized content.
4. Tickets are sold via the Website for the price given by the Organizer on the Website, expressed in Polish zloty. The Ticket price quoted on the Website includes value added tax (VAT).
5. To enter into a Ticket sales agreement via the Website:
a) go to the relevant web page tab labeled “Buy Ticket”;
b) add the Ticket at the selected price to the virtual cart
c) provide correct and truthful data covering at least the name, surname and e-mail address of the Ticket purchaser;
d) accept Terms and conditions and press the button marked “Buy & pay”;
e) pay the Ticket price using the payment method indicated on the Website via the payment service provider;
f) take any other action required to purchase the Ticket.
6. As soon as the Ticket price is booked, the Organizer shall send the e-mail receipt to the e-mail address provided by the purchaser.
7. The Ticket sales contract is entered into after the Organizer has booked the Ticket price, when the Organizer has sent an email to the purchaser, containing proof that the ticket has been purchased so that the purchaser can review the ticket.
8. Potwierdzenie nabycia Biletu należy okazać i wymienić na opaskę przed wejściem na Teren Imprezy. Organizator zapewnia punkty obsługujące wymianę Biletów na opaski The Ticket must be presented and exchanged for a band before entering the Event area. The Organizer provides points for the band-ticket exchange.
9. The Consumer shall not be entitled to withdraw from the Ticket sales contract in connection with Article 38(12) of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 may 2014, which states, that the right to withdraw from the ticket sales contract concluded outside the premises of an undertaking or at a distance is not available to the consumer in respect of contracts for the provision of accommodation services other than for residential, goods, car rental, catering, leisure, entertainment, sports or cultural events, if the contract indicates the date or period of service.
10. In the event of obstacles preventing the conclusion of a Ticket sales contract after the buyer has performed the activities set out in III.5 above, the Organizer shall inform the purchaser of the cancellation by email address.
11. If Ticket sale process is cancelled, you may try to purchase the Ticket again.
12. Only one Ticket per Participant can be purchased. If one Participant purchases another Ticket, the transaction will be canceled and the price of the next Ticket refunded.

IV. Complaints related to Ticket sales via the Website

1. The person using the website shall be entitled to claim any irregularities, defects or interruptions to the Website and the failure to fulfill the Ticket sales contract via the Website;;
2. The right to file a complaint shall be granted within 14 days of the date on which the Website malfunctioned. The complaint filed after the expiry of the time limit laid down in the first sentence shall be left without being identified and the Organizer shall notify the person filing the complaint by electronic means to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint.
3. The complaint may be submitted in writing or electronically to the Organizer’s addresses as set forth in Terms and conditions. The complaint must contain an email address at which the Organizer can contact the person, filing a complaint, regarding the claim.

V. Access to the Event area

1. Access to the event is restricted to the person holding a band provided by the Organizer, which is exchanged for the Ticket, authorizing access to the Event area.
2. The Organizer may refuse the entry and stay in the Event area for persons who have not shown the band or whose band has been clearly damaged.
3. A minor is present on the event from the time he/she enters the Event area, until he/she exits the Event area and under the supervision of an adult person who is at least 24 years old. The supervisor of the underage Participant shall be liable for any damage caused by the supervised person on the Event area.
4. The Organizer may also refuse entry to the event:
a) to a person who is visibly affected by alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances or other similarly acting means or who tries to bring such substances into the Event area,
b) to a person carrying a weapon or other dangerous goods, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, fireworks, easily combustible, flammable materials, alcohol beverages, drugs,
c) to a minor without adult supervision,
d) to a person acting aggressively or posing a threat to public security or order,
e) to a person transporting single-use vessels into the Event area,
f) to the person transporting professional video or audio equipment into the Event area.
5. The Organizer shall be authorized to verify the circumstances and requirements set out in points III.1 to III.4, in particular at the Participant’s entry into the Event area.

VI. Event area rules – rights and obligations of the Organizer and Participants

1. The Event Participant shall be entitled to attend all events of the Event, including concerts, workshops and lectures..
2. The Organizer shall ensure that the event is properly and securely held through:
a) ensuring an adequate number of food outlets,
b) ensuring that there are enough toilets and sanitary facilities in proportion to the number of Participants in the Event,
c) 24-hour surveillance of the Event by qualified security personnel,
d) provision of law enforcement and information services,
e) 24-hour emergency medical care,
f) provision of free of charge disinfectant as well as disinfecting concert space
3. Transactions taking place in the Event area are cash only.
4. The Organizer may, at the Event, apply all measures and actions, in particular those related to protection against the epidemic risk, which will be required in accordance with generally applicable law or recommendations by the relevant public administrations and public services.
5. The Participant shall cooperate with the order and information services of the event, including following the instructions of those services for public health, safety and order at the event.
6. In the event of a persistent refusal to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies or an infringement of the prohibitions set out in the Terms and conditions on the Event area, the Organizer shall be entitled to expel the Participant from the Event without the right to refund the Ticket price.
7. Participants in the Event shall be obliged to behave in a manner which does not endanger public security and order, including in particular the health and life of others. The Event Participant should strive to keep the Event area clean.
8. The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, psychotropic substances or other similarly active agents are prohibited at the Event area.
9. Single-use dishes are prohibited on the Event area. Participants should take the reusable dishes (bowl, cup, cutlery) with them, alternatively Participants will have the opportunity to buy them at the festival. All dining stands only spend food on reusable dishes, and at the festival there is a requirement to segregate waste into the bins provided by the Organizer.
10. Participants are not entitled to conduct business activities on the Event area, in particular sales of goods or services, without the written consent of the Organizer.
11. It is prohibited for Participants to record the course of an event for purposes other than the recording of short commemorative reports, using amateur equipment. In particular, professional image or sound recording, including concerts, lectures and other events, including their broadcast, shall be prohibited at the Event without the express written consent of the Organizer.
12. The Organizer reserves the right to record the Event on video and audio media, including for commercial purposes. Entry into the Event area constitutes acceptance by the Participant of unpaid recording and dissemination by the Organizer of the Event Participant’s image and voice, including any digital and material media of sound and image, and distribution by wire and wireless, making such provision, so that everyone can access them at the time and place they choose.
13. Subject to the consent of the Organizer, an animal may enter the Event area, except in the case of animals of species which are dangerous to human life and health, within the meaning of applicable law. A Participant of an Event who enters with an animal shall be fully liable for any damage or harm caused by the animal.
14. Participant entering with an animal into the Event area shall be obliged to:
a) provide, at the Organizer’s request, a vaccination card or proof that the animal’s other health and safety requirements, as laid down in the legislation, have been complied with at the Event area,
b) continuous surveillance of the animal,
c) to clean and dispose of animal’s waste immediately.

VII. Accommodation in the Event area

1. The Organizer has provided parking facilities outside the Event area for which the Participant may use without additional charge, without the guarantee of a car parking space. There may be limited parking spaces.
2. Entry into the Event area by motor vehicles shall be prohibited, except where agreed with the Organizer..
3. The Organizer shall provide a camping ground at the Event area for use by Participants for the Ticket price. The Organizer may apply separate terms and conditions for using the camping ground.

VIII. Final provisions

1. Provisions not covered in these Terms and conditions are covered by universally binding law.
2. These Terms and conditions are applicable as of 01.03.2020
3. The Organizer may amend these Terms and conditions, subject to the rights acquired by the Participants prior to application of Terms and conditions, in particular to bring them into line with the changes to the law.