Our mission

FreeQ is a festival organized 60km away from Warsaw in a little town Łazy next to Liwiec river.

It is an initiative which aims to SHARE PASSIONS CONSCIOUSLY.

It doesn’t matter if you play music on a plastic basket, burn out patterns on the wood, do flashmob performance or juggle with 10 frisbees. Or maybe you do something that you can’t even name…?

But it does matter that you do it at all! And that you want to share it. We would like other people to see it and be able to try it also, so we can evolve together. Maybe finding the passion of our life or simply widening our horizons. We’d like to give everyone an opportunity to show what they do, to inspire eachother and gather together into one big tribe of gnommies, who just can’t wait to discover a new passion.

Our second name is RECYCLING.

Most of the decoration and installation on our festival is made with recycled or organic materials, we boycott printing flyers and skip using single use dishes. Festival wristband and accreditation is hand made using recycled materials. We are trying hard not to produce any new trash but to reuse what we already have. And if we consume we try to make it consciously!

Because of this all, please, think before coming to our festival about talking reusable plates, cutlery, water bottle, waste bags or an ashtray with you.

During the festival you can get a waste bag or an ashtray in the information point. Please, pay a special attention to the trash segregation while throwing it away. Think twice how much plastic do you bring with you to the festival, to simply throw it away.

Maybe you could use reusable bags or cartoons? Mind the fact, what kind of trade do you leave after you, and remember that some gnomies will have to segregate your trash after you.


FREEDOM while looking for your own way, no limits in self progress, overcoming your own limits. Feel that you can do everything, whatever you can dream about.
PROGRESS, awidening the consciousness, gaining the knowledge and using it in everyday life, exercising physically and mentally. Never stop searching.
ART, music, qulture, fashion, whatever gathers us into this tribe of adventure seekers. Let your life be one big adventure.
NATURE, eco consciousness, healthy food, sport lifestyle, recycling. Let’s try to use whatever we’ve already got.

So, do you FreeQ?